Kryon metaphical entity was always there for us in the process of our evolution as humanity. There were always angels and other metaphysical beings that took care of us. When we needed fire we were given it, when we needed a wheel we were given it.

In each breaking point of our evolution we were given the information to create or invent something. Entities from the higher planes were the ones who gave us the chance to evolve by giving us new inventions and it didnt' matter who the inventor was.

In any case, we were not always righteous in the use of the things that were given to us. In the last decade humanity evolved and now we have a chance to directly contact spiritual entities and receive information from them .

Before we thought that those were just thoughts coming from nowhere. Today, we even know the names of spiritual entities that help us in our evolution. A good example is Kryon. One of such beings showed Lee Carroll a way to channel information from higher planes and gave us many answers to the questions on what is going to happen to us and how our universe works .

Right now is the time when need this information the most, Lee Carroll helps us to reach higher level of evolution through Kryon . Kryon is one, but ways to it are many. There is new research in Russia that can help us better understand channeling, this research continued for the last 20 years. Please search for International Institute of Social Ecology research to find out more details on Kryon.

Kryon tells us in its channeling sessions that 2012 will be the year when everything will change on our planet. . There is a chance that these changes will be drastic and bring a lot of destruction. Many lives can be lost which will lead to considerable reduction of population on our planet .

According to Kryon, not many people will be able to survive the difficulties. Channeling sessions by Kryon can be very helpful during the difficult time of change. Kryon helps us to understand many things that happen to us in our lives.

People who are on the right spiritual path are able to understand these channeling session. For a person to connect to own spiritual self he or she has to work for many years. Once you connect to your spiritual self, you get many answers relating to your life and things happening around you.

There is a reason that things happen. Once you connect to your spiritual self and believe that everything will stay the same and there will be no major differences after this phase, you can go through the very tough time .

You can use the teachings of Kryon together with your family to help you go through difficult times . It is important that you involve the member of your family so that the family connects to each other spiritually.

Kryon channeling can help you and your family understand the laws of our universe. Your entire family can withstand the magnetic shift and the World ending in 2012 together with the holding energy.

The time of change and 2012 will be very difficult for people with negative energies. Their negative energy will grow and make them sink. People with negative energy will become very weak and ill. Therefore, it is important that you start the work towards connecting with your inner self and becoming positive with the use of Kryon channeling today.

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