Vogue Cuisine Vegetarian Chicken Soup & Seasoning Base 4oz - Low Sodium & Gluten Free
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Vegetarian Chicken Base: A vegetable* blend of ORGANIC NON-GMO soy flour*, ORGANIC NON-GMO soy grits*, ORGANIC potato flour*, natural maltodextrin (from corn), nutritional yeast extract, ORGANIC sucanat/sugar*, ORGANIC alfalfa powder*, ORGANIC minced carrots, pea powder**, parsley**, spinach**, soy oil, salt/sea salt, lecithin (from plant), grounded celery seeds, onion & garlic powder, rosemary extract, turmeric and white pepper. // - Certified vegetarian/vegan. * ORGANIC ingredients from domestic (USA) organic suppliers. ** Ingredients that may or may not be ORGANIC, depending on availability of supply at manufacturing.// DIRECTIONS: 1) Quick and Easy: Soup and Seasoning. For extra flavor, use any Vogue Base... [Read More]