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The Mojito Burrito Is Absolutely The Greatest In Town!

September 12, 2010 By: DietingTipster Category: Causes Of Obesity No Comments →

Anyone who has been to South Florida knows that it is not hard to find quality dining anywhere you choose to visit in the area. Burritos are definitely a popular item, and one in particular. The Tasty Mojito Burrito is quite possibly the best thing that I have ever tasted. Everyone that I have talked to about it agrees. It’s really incredible with its3 wide variety of tastes and textures. It is really something to look forward to and I sincerely suggest trying it on your next visit. I cannot wait to introduce more people to this incredible mojito burrito!

It begins with a very wide selection of different kinds of meats. Just to name a few, there is steak, chicken, pork, and organic steak. All of these come highly recommended from those who have tried it. I myself prefer the chicken. This is really an essential main ingredient to the mojito and it only gets tastier.

After choosing which type of meat you want, you will then have the option of two different kinds of rice. The first is yellow, which I have had every time and is a personal favorite. Many of my friends and associates have had the second rice, brown, and they also highly recommend it.

After you choose from these two main ingredients, it only gets better! Your next step is to select from a variety of different veggies. It is often good to start off with lettuce, as it provides a good base for the rest of the mojito. It adds a crucial texture, and it is a serving of greens when you otherwise wouldn’t have had any.

In addition to the lettuce, there are a number of things that heighten the burrito’s great taste. For starters, there are the delicious tomatoes. With the recent tomato freeze, I think we can all appreciate a still inexpensive addition to a really unique burrito. The tomato further betters the mojito, and will not be regretted. There are also choices of peppers, onions, and cheese which, alone or in combination with the rest of the mojito’s ingredients, provide for an incredible dining experience.

By far, everyone that I have spoken with about the mojito most enjoys the excellent chipotle sauce to top it off. The chipotle sauce brings the ingredients together in a filling and satisfying way. When it comes to this instance of South Florida’s homemade chipotle sauce, there is really no competition. It gives the mojito a taste worthy of the praise that it receives, and is something that I will be returning to as often as possible.

In my experience of Florida Burrito, I have tried what I believe to be some of the best. I really have not tasted one that I didn’t like! Everyone who has tried one says the same thing; you have to try one yourself!

Often when traveling, it is hard to find a good local restaurant to dine in. Thankfully, this is not the case here in South Florida. Being a hot tourist location, this is definitely an advantage. My relatives are flying in from Chicago next week, and I cannot wait to introduce them to the beauty that is the mojito. I know they will enjoy it as much as myself and everyone else that has tried it.

Out of all of the South Florida burritos that I have tried, the mojito burrito stands to be my favorite. South Florida Burritos are truly hard to come by, and it is hard for me to pass up one as good as this one. As a lover of quality food and dining, I am a very happy camper.

The Never Ending World Of Pizza Toppings

August 03, 2010 By: DietingTipster Category: Causes Of Obesity No Comments →

Choosing your own toppings is one of the best things about making your own pizza. Start with something traditional like pepperoni or cheese, then experiment with something really different and exotic. Pizza is meant to be fun!


For example, think of all the amazing options when you make a vegetarian pizza. You have all the normal choices like onions, peppers, mushrooms and olives, but you can also try something unusual. Slip in some fresh peas, thinly sliced squash or eggplant. Add some caramelized onion, roasted veggies and garlic for a delicious variation. Go on, be daring!


Have fun with the many types of pizza you can create. Let your imagination be your guide. When making a thin crust pizza, the only limitation is the strength of the crust. A deep dish pizza can handle a lot of toppings piled high. They may need extra baking time, but you can make one where each slice is a meal.


When you study history of pizza, you will see they started with a few of their favorite toppings. One of the first pizzas ever made featured basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Known as Pizza Marghareta, it was named in honor of Italian royalty. The ingredients were specially chosen because they had the same colors as the Italian flag. Pick a theme if you wish to make your next pizza.


When it comes to cheese, you can mix as many varieties as you wish. The different flavors of the cheeses blend together when they melt, creating a depth of flavor you cannot get at a restaurant. Combine smoked gouda with provolone, mozzarella and parmesan for a traditional, yet tasty topping. For something a little out of the ordinary, add some blue or goat cheese into the mix. Gorgonzola or Stilton make unusual, yet delicious choices for a gourmet pizza.


You may think you’re nuts about pizza, but what about nuts on your pizza? Nuts can add a whole new depth to pizza with their crunchy nature. Pine nuts are an excellent choice for most traditional pizzas. If you are making one with an Asian theme, try adding some roasted peanuts.


Have you heard of dessert pizza? You can easily make a fruit pizza recipe using baked cookie dough for the crust. Top with cream cheese and your favorite fruit to make a delicious, refreshing summer treat. You can also add fruit to a traditional pizza. Pineapple, apple slices, peaches and many other fruits that bake well are excellent choices.


Even traditional meat eaters can make something more of their pizza toppings. Think past pepperoni and sausage. Imagine a delicious venison pizza, or perhaps one with roasted duck breast. Try topping a pizza with some of your other favorite recipes like buffalo chicken or pot roast. Seafood pizzas are not common in most restaurants. You can easily make one with smoked salmon or tuna. Add shrimp, oysters or crab and serve it up as a new gourmet experience. Use a compatible sauce. If you can’t think of one, drizzle some oil over the top or sprinkle it with a bit of cheese. Throw all the rules out the window when you make your own pizza.

The Buffalo Burritos Knows What’s Up!

July 20, 2010 By: DietingTipster Category: Causes Of Obesity No Comments →

After another rendezvous with South Florida dining, I am happy to report that I have a new favorite burrito. I know this is hard to believe, I love so many of the burritos that I have tried since living here. The Buffalo sandwiches remains consistent as far as taste. I cannot believe this is my first time trying this particular burrito. It really stands out as one of the better I’ve had. I’m staying firm on the idea that these burritos cannot be beat by even the lead competitors. They’re just too good!

Where best to start for a burrito than a source of protein! Thank goodness for all of South Florida’s vegetarians, there is a nice black bean hummus substitute. I cannot get enough of this hummus, it drives me crazy! There is also pork, chicken, chicken breast, and organic steak. The healthy selection is really ideal for anyone trying to eat better.

Usually the next step is the delicious blue cheese celery slaw. My friends and I all agree that most types of slaw are just not for us. This deliciously aged blue cheese celery slaw really had the last laugh though! We were so shocked at how much we enjoyed it.

It doesn’t really come on the buffalo burrito, but I love adding rice. I think that yellow rice really adds a significant texture to the burrito, that just can’t be beat. I am so glad that Florida restaurants allows for any taste bud to go home beaming.

An obviously key ingredient in any burrito/wrap is the sauce. With the buffalo, it is no surprise that the first sauce is South Florida’s delicious and fresh buffalo sauce. It is made that day so there is no spoil or chance of anything but greatness!

While considering sauces, it is also ideal to add ranch sauce to the ingredients. Ranch sauce really combines the flavor and brings all of the ingredients into harmony. I thought this was a sort of wild ingredient, but I was really blown out of the water with its taste!

Though it is not a must, I opt to go for cheese on this burrito. If you’re eating healthier and want to hold the cheese, this is also a good choice. Either way, your burrito will completely sweep you off your feet. I went with an aged cheddar cheese and I could not get enough of it!

Every time I eat something as good as this, I add it to my top 10 entrees list. Since eating in South Florida, this list is mostly incorporated with South Florida entrees since I’ve been here. I might have to make my top 10 a top 20 at the rate I’m going!

If you can find a dining experience as good as South Florida dining, then by all means. I know that just one of these breakfast burrito will have you agreeing with me. The buffalo burrito is truly unbeatable!

Individual Pizzas Are Key To Pleasing Everyone

July 19, 2010 By: DietingTipster Category: Causes Of Obesity No Comments →

If you have a pizza night, you know everyone always wants their favorite. No one seems to be able to agree on one kind of pizza and no one wants to compromise. Is there a way to please everyone and not break the bank? Sure there is. If you make individual pizzas at home, everyone can get what they want on top of their pizza.


When you make individual pizzas, everyone can please their own tastes. Your preschooler that won’t eat anything but cheese is happy, as is your teenager that won’t eat anything but Hawaiian. The best part is that you don’t have to suffer through with these choices; you can make your own. Imagine choosing your own toppings without having to consider anyone else’s preferences!


What kind of pizza would you want if you got the chance? Have you ever thought about it? Maybe some delicious prosciutto with tomatoes and smoked cheese, or perhaps you’d like to put mushrooms and spinach on yours. Making individual pizzas will please everyone so even you will get to indulge in your favorites.


Before you have your family come into the kitchen to pile on their favorite toppings, have everything ready. Roll out all the crusts so there is no waiting. Prepare the toppings and set them out on the table so everyone can reach them easily without making a mess.


As for pizza recipes, let everyone wing it. If they want to pile on the cheese, so be it. If they want to mix tomatoes and pineapple, let them… it’s their pizza. Make a list of their favorite toppings before you begin so you provide what they want without wasting money on toppings they don’t.


In a pinch you can use partially baked crusts from the grocery store or even flat bread, but why not make your own crust? It is really easy and it won’t be full of preservatives like the store variety. They have to keep it fresh somehow. You can find a simple pizza dough recipe and whip some up yourself. Make extra for the freezer so you only need to make dough occasionally.


A delicious pizza sauce recipe can beat a jar of spaghetti sauce any day, but store sauce will do in a pinch. You can quickly make a good sauce with a few tomatoes, some herbs, and a few minutes on the stove. Remember that not every pizza sauce has to be tomato-based… you can branch out and try simple olive oil, a white sauce or even a sauce-less pizza. Don’t be afraid to explore a little. It’s your pizza; you don’t have to share with anyone.


Try out individual pizzas on your next pizza night. You’ll find it is very convenient and everyone is happy; even you. You’ll save a lot of money making them at home in comparison to taking everyone out. No one has to compromise on toppings and everyone is happy. Cleaning up afterwards is simple. If there are any leftovers, they can be eaten cold or rewarmed in the oven the next morning. You’ll soon hear everyone asking when their next pizza night will be.

Cheap Delicious Turkey At Any Time

July 19, 2010 By: DietingTipster Category: Causes Of Obesity No Comments →

You could start to enjoy turkey throughout the year?

Ever wondered how you can cut costs and eat tender, juicy, white meat without the headache and effort that goes along with a traditional Thanksgiving meal? What better strategy for saving than to use kroger coupons along with eating just about the most widely overlooked and inexpensive meats inside your supermarket aisles?

Turkey doesn’t must be hard work, and you never have to suffer through another dried out and tasteless turkey forever! The reply to an ideal supper is within the reach of anyone, regardless of how many hours a day they work, or their frantic schedules.

During the days prior to crockpots and microwave ovens, our grandparents had uncovered how you can slow cooked heaven. The novel invention was the lowly cast iron pot. Some people refer to it a bean pot or soup kettle, and mistakenly think that that’s all it is good for.

Cookware was the Father of nonstick pots and pans, and it cleans up equally as easily as nonstick cookware if its looked after, and you never need to bother about using a metal cooking utensil since it is naturally scuff resistant. A major plus is the fact they never need replacing, they may honestly outlast your life. They typically clean up with a very firm brush and plain water.

The secret towards the perfect soft and juicy mouthwatering Turkey is by using one of these heavy-duty gems. In the store, choose a reasonably large cast iron kettle. Quite a few come ready to use, others need a pre-treatment called seasoning. (To season a cast iron pan a coating of oil will be baked on to the pot for an hour or so in a three hundred and fifty degree stove.) A twelve quart size pot can cater for even a big group of 8.

While you are out purchasing a kettle, make sure you grab a turkey at the marketplace, 10-12 lb birds work nicely. Rinse the turkey nicely both inside of and outside and towel dry, patting off the excessive moisture. Remove any neck, giblets, heart, or other parts in the paper wrapped package usually present in the birds body cavity. Cook the bird together with 1 cup of chicken stock or chicken bouillon stock who are holding cards placed in a preheated 250 degree oven for half a dozen hrs.

Some great side plates with a meal similar to this are mashed potatoes, carrots, or peas. Any of these may be prepared in a flash from freeze dried instant mashed potatoes and also frozen veggies. A fresh green salad together with ripe red tomato and some cucumber pieces help with keeping the palate clean and compliments the turkey nicely.

About around 30 minutes before you are prepared to eat, finish making your salad and vegetables, and then sit down to eat the very best turkey you might have ever had. The meat will certainly drop from the bones because it’s so tender.

Bon Apetit!

To find additional mouthwatering food ideas that won’t break your budget together with kroger grocery store coupons and other excellent money saving advice please go to

Understand Causes of Obesity Through Overweight Studies

June 08, 2009 By: SL Category: Causes Of Obesity, Information On Obesity, Overweight Studies No Comments →

I have had weight problems my whole life.

Back when I was a kid, no one said obesity. Basically, they said that I was fat or, if they were feeling polite, that I was big boned. Nonetheless, all the overweight studies in this culture combined with the epidemic in health problems related to excessive weight have really cleared the air a little bit.

Nowadays, it is possible to have a frank and honest discussions about the health problems associated with obesity. And by studying obesity, it may be possible to find a solution that works for you.

When people hear about my chronic weight problems, sometimes they act as if the issue is my laziness. Current study of obesity, however, suggest that there is more to it than that. The problem is that a lot of us have evolved for conditions of scarcity.

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