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Mens Jewellery In The UK

Procuring Gents Jewelry in the United Kingdom is sometimes complicated. So typically the collections for the men display simply unrefined and clunky pieces – keep in mind the medallion man of days gone by? No thanks. You need to make some cute jewellery choices and discover something stylish, timeless and stylish. Right here at Ola Gorie we have some of the best options for stylish mens jewellery in the UK.

Don’t ever get this wrong. We have distinctive ranges and some very cute jewelry products. Let’s look at a choice for rings for example.

With Burns night occurring shortly, you may think about the Robert Burns ring. It’s as manly as any type of mens jewellery in the UK, but has the refinement you may expect from the muse of a down-to-earth poet. Our country’s poet honored life, alcohol and love. In lyrics from ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ to ‘My Love is Like a Red Red Rose’ he wrote from the heart of charming Scotland. A master-craftsman’s re-creation of Burns’ very own handwriting, based on hundreds of hours of research, converts his words of love into distinctively enchanting jewellery. Inside the ring, the text reads ‘To thee and me love’. Our Robert Burns band for gents is available in satin or polished textures and is made from silver or gold.

Of course Burns Night parties spotlight the Address to the Haggis, authored by Burns, which concludes in the steaming haggis being sliced open with a blade. One other of Ola Gorie’s first-rate instances of mens jewellery in the UK is our Sword kilt pin. This may be a suitable addition to the conventional Scottish kilt put on at Burn’s suppers. The Sword kilt pin is based on the two-handed sword, the mighty claymore, as wielded by medieval warriors. Even though the claymore was a weighty and mighty blade, our kilt pin is more graceful but also still has the essence of the splendid craftsmanship of the primeval crafted sword hilts.

Mens Jewellery in the UK Is Often Outstanding

The kilt pin is a piece of jewellery that is normally worn on the lower edge of the outermost apron of a kilt. Its purpose is to prevent the apron falling or blowing open, by adding weight to the outermost apron. It does not pin the outermost apron to the inner textile.

It is normal for kilt pins to be decorative with quite a few including clan signs, national symbols or native pets and plants. However in our case, our Sword kilt pin is simply a sword design with an ornamented hilt. If you want to put on a more strikingly ornamented kilt pin, you could decide on the Kells model.

Around 800AD, under Viking hazard, a magnificent illuminated manuscript of the gospels was transported from Iona to a hiding location in an obscure Irish abbey: it came to be called the Book of Kells. It remains in Ireland to this day, the peerless illustration of Celtic classicism.

Whatever you purchase, our mens jewellery in the UK is the cute jewellery alternative for the romantics, the warriors and the aesthetic.

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