Raised Toilet Seats With Arms Are Convenient-&-Safe For Home Bathroom Care

If you require home bathroom care products including elevated toilet seats with arms or “elevators” for toilet seats, then a convenient place to review products, model options and different manufacturer models is with a distributor for home medical equipment and supplies. Medical supplier e-commerce website allow you to compare leading brands and equipment options to meet your home bathroom care needs.

At The Fair Care Shop, your healthcare equipment distributor, you can always find affordable, bathroom care items and other equipment to help individuals with mobility problems. For seniors or anyone having mobility difficulties, raised toilet seats and other equipment helps you to provide a safe bathroom environment.

Affordable Raised Toilet Seats and Accessories

Review our wide selection of elevated toilet seats with arms—all of our seats are affordable. If you are looking for “elevators” for toilet seats, sloped toilet seats (ideal products for anyone recovering from a broken hip joint, pelvis or leg fractures), accessories, or raised toilet seats with arms, then you can compare models at The Fair Care Shop.

Be sure to consider locking mechanisms for toilet seats and sturdy arms to support you when getting on or off the toilet seat.

Equipment Options To Consider When Purchasing Raised Toilet Seats

Some product details to consider when looking for toilet seats include:

• Arms with the toilet seat or on an “elevator” for standard size seats
• Toilet seats with removable arms
• Standard toilet seats for people with average weights (models designed for 250 lbs. and 300 lbs. capacities)
• Bariatric toilet seats with arms for overweight patients (500 lbs. weight bearing capacity is a common size)
• Seat locks, locking brackets, clamps, or hinged toilet seats with a secure bolt mechanism to prevent the accidental movement or slippage of the seat
• Sloped seats (left slope or right slope) are ideal for anyone recovering from hip joint, pelvic or leg fractures, broken bones, surgeries or who have general mobility problems
• Seat or arm padding (vinyl—this may be an accessory option)
• Raised or elevated toilet seats (many elevated seats are available with or without arms)
• Elongated toilet seat products (typically 19” seats)
• Economy toilet seats
• Accessory vinyl toilet seat cushions

Ask For Assistance To Get The Best Home Bathroom Care Equipment

If you require further product details or recommendations about raised toilet seats with arms, elevated seats or accessories, then compare brands and equipment at FairCareShop dot com. We will gladly answer questions about our bathroom care products or other medical equipment and supplies.

Buyers for healthcare organizations are always welcome to order any of our durable products—many items have lifetime or extensive warranties.

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