Lose Your Spare Tire And Love Handles Quick


For any weight loss program there are generally 2 elements : exercise and diet. The basic equation to lose some pounds is to use more calories than you consume, but that is’s frequently not the case with mulish belly fat! Too often do I see folks that exercise and eat healthy but still can’t manage somehow to know How to get rid of love handles. Therefore I have put together one or two simple exercises that may be done just about anywhere for just one or two minutes a day. The secret is to do it solidly and make it a regular routine!


Leg Lift : Lay down flat on your back and keep feet together. Slowly raise feet about twenty inches and back down. Repeat 10-30 times or until you’re feeling a burn. Add a little pillow for comfort to your lower back. This is great for the lower abdomen!


Torso Twist : Keep feet a shoulder’s width apart and your hips straight, then slowly twist your torso left and to the right. This exercise can be done with a brush or stick behind your head. Repeat 20-50 times. This exercise effectively targets your tummy fat.


Do not forget to do these exercises slowly at the beginning, and keep up a healthy diet full of fiber and drink plenty of water!


While diet additions can be a great addition, they should not be counted on to work any miracles. One supplement I am able to recommend is Acai Berry. It’s Efficient, Safe and doesn’t involve any difficult meal plans. Acai Bery is full of vitamins, Minerals, Fibers and anti-oxidants to keep you nutritionally satisfied and full of energy and hence is the best way to lose belly fat. While increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite, fibers help keep your lower bowel clean, so Acai fights fat in 2 ways!


Acai Berry is so straightforward to make part of your diet. I was struggling on Jo-jo diets for years and Acai changed the course of my life forever!

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