Dark Spots: Could They Be Treated At The Local Medspa?

Age Spot Removal

Could Your Age Spots Be Removed At A Laser Center?

Probably the most frequent issues aesthetic physicians get asked about is age spots on the skin.

Brown spots quite often become a challenge after age forty, on areas of your skin which have been subjected to the most sun.  They are not a concern in your teens or twenties, considering that layers of one’s skin are naturally regenerating themselves every several weeks, however, if that process starts slowing, dark spots may be a harmless unwanted effect.

To relieve, and possibly take away the look of age spots, most dermatologists offices promote lactic acid chemical peels, not to mention an HQ  chemical peel.  The peels work by encouraging collagen under the epidermis, and when used the right way, are as safe as having high-priced solutions available from an aesthetician.

Any of these treatments encourage the epidermis into generating skin at a quicker rate than your real age would as a rule dictate, via an exfoliation method.  Every single application works to strip away sun-damaged layers of skin, and over time, the body replaces them with fresh brand-new layers that are your natural skin color.

For some customers that are just getting introduced to lactic acid chemical peels, a 50per cent strength product is encouraged.

For that less extreme approach with less down-time, one additional choice is a HQ  deep chemical peel product.  Milder than the lactic acid peels, it uses hydroquinone, lactic, and salicylic acids to to get deep within the layers of the epidermis, and there’s virtually no down-time linked to it.  But, it may call for increased treatments as it is far less strong than other peels.

It is imperative you obtain comprehensive instructions on how to ready your skin for treatments, the best way to apply them, and how to  safeguard your skin after.

Shortly after the first treatment of lactic acid, clients will notice a “glow”, or improvement in skin tone and texture.  Improvements in the age spot are incremental, with most desirable benefits probably being seen after 6 months of use.  With each treatment and removal of the product, 2 to 3 layers of skin are removed, and then regenerated, with a few more benefits everytime.

The physician or medical spa must find a balance of acid strength, how much they apply, length of treatment, and a post-treatment solution that works well for them.  A very important rule for lasting results is to protect the skin from sun damage, particularly after treatments, since the skin will in the short term have a fewer number of layers to protect itself.

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