Stevia And Blue Agave Recommended By Dr. Oz For Weight Loss

There isn’t a day that goes by where the subject of weight loss isn’t in the news.  It’s not surprising once we take a look at the statistics.  There are 1.6 billion people overweight and 400 million are obese.It’s no surpise why it’s such a popular topic and one that is headlined daily.

Dr. Oz a popular well know medical doctor from ABC show, ran a segment on weight loss recently.  The patient he was working with was addicted to sugar, using over 5 packets of sugar at a time and needed to eliminate sugar from her diet.  Of all the products on the market, Dr. Oz only recommended two natural sweetener products for her to use:  Blue Agave and stevia.

Diabetes and obesity statistics around the world are extremely high. The food industry has been spinning off healthier foods as a proactive trend that started over a decade ago.  Today, the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are consumers’ preferred terms in healthy food.Let’ take a peek at the two natural sweeteners Dr. Oz recommended and you’ll see why the proof is in the sweetener.

Organic Blue Agave- this natural sweetener extracted from the heart of the Blue Agave plant has been consumed for thousands of years.  It is sweeter than regular sugar and Agave is a low glycemic Index (GI) sweetener.
It is slowly absorbed into the body preventing artifical spikes in blood sugar, so a little goes a long way.  Use this organic sweetener instead of table sugar or for baking.Available on the internet, Blue Agave is found on the internet and in many health food markets.

Stevia based sweeteners offer a combination of positive benefits: natural, high intensity, and zero calories and zero carbs.  Stevia-based high purity sweeteners are natural.  Stevia is 200-300 times stronger than table sugar and has been a proven product for weight loss and diabetic patients. 

Application for stevia sweetener is growing everyday and this natural sweetener has both favorable physical and functional benefits.Stevia natural-based sweeteners are friendly for use in a wide variety of food applications, beverages, and dietary supplements.  Artificial sweeteners with aspartame and sugar are likely to be the replacement targets for emerging stevia sweeteners, and beverages will be the first main application.

In the U.S. the FDA only granted the first no objection letters for Reb-A’s (Rebaudioside –A) use in foods in December 2008 to Cargill.  Until then, dried stevia leaves and extracts could only be used in dietary supplements that date back to 1995.  Stevia RA 97 is now recognized as a natural sweetener and not just a dietary supplement.  This will bring stevia to main stream quickly.

Dr. Oz is one of the most recognized physicians on TV today.  His recommendations for two natural sweetners in weight loss is well taken.  If you must use a sweetener, use either of these two natural sweeteners.  Try using either blue agave or natural liquid stevia sweetener and see why this product is gaining in popularity for both weight loss and diabetes. 

Products are available in health food markets or by searching the keywords blue agave or stevia, stevia sweeteners.

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