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Everybody knows how important is to eat only healthy food to drink only fresh juices and decline all the grease, junk food when we are trying to lose some weight. The same is about our thoughts. Yes ,this is true. Only think about it: if you every time thinking that you look bad and feel fat that becomes a real truth for you and does not matter if you actually don’t have any problems with your appearance . In fact, there is even a special term for that calls – “fat thinking”.

Just imagine, for example, if you have very important meeting tonight, but the dress you want to wear does not feet you properly, than in most of the cases you will dress something else but unfortunately not exactly that you want. As the result your mood will be completely spoiled and the worst you may even cancel the meeting, and everything because the only one but devastating thought that you had in mind.

Only imagine throughout the day we may have up to 3000 thoughts like that. That is why you have to remember – your thoughts can bring to very dramatic consequences.

So what should you do than?

First of all try to think positive. For example when you wake up in the morning say in front of the mirror :“how beautiful I am”, “ I look great this morning” .Look at the window, every new day should be a holiday for you. Make yourself a glass of fresh juice in the morning, this also helps to keep you in form and look great. And if this will not help, have a meeting with your old friends they will always cheer you up. However, you should remember that bad people with the same “fat thinking” will never help you, that mean you should keep away from them. They may only worse the situation.

Another advice that I would like to give you is to keep away from all those glamorous publishing that have a stereotypes that only a model girl deserves happiness, all those magazines advertising health products to get rid of cellulite, and only than yow will receive happiness. Be aware of advertisement like that they not only won’t help, but this will cost you a great fortune. And results won’t be promising. So forget about buying such magazines, they create only additional problems. The commercials on tv market are also helpless, better if you realize – they were created by businessmen to make money, and not by people that really wanted to lose weight or share with you their successful experience of losing weight.

So my personal advice is to thing right – this is means you should put away all these thoughts that damaging your mind and hinder you to live.

Good luck!

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